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A recent discussion held by a workgroup focusing on aiding hawkers in going digital has recently discovered some areas of concern for certain hawkers who have yet to open or join digital platforms for their business. One suggestion made in order to combat this is for a hybrid delivery model, where someone gathers orders made on an online delivery platform – before going down to the hawker center to place orders with the stalls in person.

Presently, more than half of the 6,000-plus food stalls currently operating in hawker centres who are National Environment Agency (NEA) or NEA-appointed are now on delivery platforms according to Dr Khor.

Issues With Online Delivery/Platforms

They were able to identify ‘pain points’ that hawkers are currently facing while trying to get onboard these apps. The first issue was that delivery orders within hawker centers needed to be better coordinated. In order to combat this issue, a suggestion was made to have delivery providers collate orders within a hawkers center, then having staff physically go down to make these orders in person.

The second problem is that delivery providers usually do not allow customers to make multiple orders within the same hawker center in one order.

Thirdly, commissions and costs of being partners with delivery services are things these stalls have to pay when signing onto them. Finally, ensuring there is enough demand for hawker food among delivery apps users was also an issue raised.

Resolving This Issue

First, they will try to look for better ways to support hawkers in learning how to use these new platforms. Secondly, studies regarding how to best price hawker food on delivery platforms will be conducted – as well as ensuring that money made from these sales online will reach hawkers quickly. Lastly, it will also seek to increase demand for hawker food and create unique solutions for each hawker centre in regards to this.

Working with committee volunteers such as initiatives could also benefit hawkers in terms of promoting and marketing their food. They are also concerned about dealing with offline and online orders while paying high commission charges.

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