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Social media platforms have made it easy to set up places to advertise and promote your products, but this has led to some companies or brands completely forgoing websites due to its potential costs of keeping it up, as well as the design aspects of it. However, it is important to focus on it still in this day and age – here are some reasons why: 

Purchases Start With Websites

Many purchases are made right after browsing the website of a company. Search engines help to keep your company up there when potential customers are researching about what they need – so having a website drives home the professionality and authenticity of your brand.

Ease of Access

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It is easier for customers to search for your website on a browser rather than going to their favourite social media platform to look you up. Not only that, it is universal – which is good considering some companies only maintain certain social media.

Customer Support

For service-oriented brands, a website helps to provide immediate customer support through many different facilities like live chats or FAQ pages – something social media pages have a hard time conveying even if managed well.


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Contrary to popular belief, websites do not have to be expensive in order to be made and maintained. A simple one with simple information can be as effective as a detailed webpage – great for providing information quickly and on the fly.

Display Portfolio

A website allows you to showcase the best of your brand with ease and without interruption from potential ads and whatnot. It is perfect for convincing customers to purchase goods or services as you are showcasing yourself to the best of your ability.

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