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What does POSM stand for?

Standee Design

POSM refers to β€˜point of sale materials’, which are advertising items used to promote your items and products to consumers in a certain location. Often referred to as visual merchandising or as a promotional campaign tool.

What counts as a POSM?

Flyer Design

There are numerous kinds of POSM’s used by brands for their various advertising campaign objectives. Posters and banners are one – to start with. These are effective in conveying information in a visual way, so they count as a POSM.

Standee Design

Other less common POSMs can include danglers, standees, bunting, stickers, and LED displays.

Are POSMs effective in their advertising?

POSMs are usually great for drawing attention to your products in a busy environment due to their usually unique shape as well as bold colours. As such – it would not hurt to use them in trying to market your products.

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