What is branding and why is it important for your business?

What is branding?

Branding, in its most simplest form – refers to the name, design, symbol, or any other visual depiction that separates one’s products or services as different from those of others.

Distinct colours, iconography and typography
Logo Design for The Fat Chook Company

Why is it important for my company?

Branding is very important as its impact on your business cannot be understated. It can change how customers and others perceive your brand, increase potential business opportunities and help your brand’s awareness.

Where should I start?

Logos are the most important element when it comes to discussing branding – as it is the literal face of your company. One that is professionally designed should always be powerful and easy to remember – ensuring that an impression can be made one someone within first glance.

I think all of us can agree that first impressions have the ability to make or break a business, and positive experiences help foster long-lasting consumer relationships.

However, branding goes way beyond just a logo or a graphic element.

Place yourself in your customers’ shoes and just think about their entire journey with your company… everything from the logo, website, social media experiences as well as the interaction with your staff.

Good brands don’t just appear out of thin air, it is usually due to the result of a well thought out and strategic plan – thus it is absolutely critical to be aware of how your brand is experienced. 

Logo Rebrand for CARA CARA

5 reasons why digging into your brand is important:

Branding Cultivates Recognition

People tend to buy products or engage in services with companies they are familiar with. Having a memorable business name is one thing, but brand recognition strategies usually compose of colour schemes, logos, visual elements as well as a tone of voice that others can associate with your brand.

Branding Draws New Customers

Brands that are well-established mean that the perception of your brand is positive among consumers, which in turn makes others more willing to do business with you due to familiarity and an assumption on the dependability of a brand they can trust.

Branding Represents Your Promise to Your Customer

You, your marketing materials and your customer staff are the brand. Take key concerns about them and figure out what things can be done in order to ease them.

The foundation of consumer trust are promises. Trust builds loyalty – and an outcome of that are long-standing mutually beneficial customer relationships that can help your business to thrive greatly.

Branding helps your company standout from the competition

Creating a unique brand helps you stand out from other businesses, and good branding will always catch the eye of consumers over another competitor with weaker branding.

Branding Connects You With Your Customers

Good branding can help your business connect with people on an emotional level, an example being that they might feel great when they purchase items from your brand. Doing such an act is an emotional experience – and having a strong brand helps to ensure that any other customer would feel the same when they engage with the company.

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