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Menus are what every restaurant has – it is usually the first thing a customer goes through when they are either sitting down or queuing up within your restaurant. It is meant to be enticing – encouraging them to choose something that they think will fill up their stomachs and sate their appetites. But were you aware that there are different types of F&B menus out there?

Ala Carte Menus

Menu Design for King Of Fried Rice

This menu allows the customer to choose what they want individually as dishes instead of it being a set or combined together with some other item. This is a flexible menu, allowing customers to have the freedom to pick what they want instead of adhering to things they might not want should they buy a set meal or something of a similar sort.

Du Jour Menu

Menu Design For Old Town White Coffee

A Du Jour menu refers to a menu that is usually changed daily or so. ‘Du Jour’ means ‘of the day’ in French, so this menu is perfect for those who have a restaurant that’s a bit more spontaneous in terms of preparing their food.

Static Menu

This type of menu is the most common one – almost every restaurant uses it in some form or another. Divided into categories, this menu is usually unchanging – allowing customers to have the same consistent experience each time they dine in, as it allows them to grow familiar with the food that you occasionally prepare for them.

Beverages Menu

Menu Design For Teahouse 1973

It is not rare to see restaurants have entirely separate menus for their drinks – especially those who have a focus on alcohol. This allows you to provide a much more premium experience to those who would like to drink.

Digital Menu

Cropping up in restaurants throughout the nation, the digital menu is usually shown on a tablet or a TV. This is perfect for those looking to reduce manpower costs – as the digitalisation of order can help your staff be more focused on preparing quality food for others.

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