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A business card is the first thing you usually give to prospective customers or clients looking to engage your services or products. While it might make sense for you to have a visually appealing one to ensure that you look professional, we have some tips for you to make them look even better than they are currently.

Using Interesting Finishes

Business Card Design For Apollo Aquaculture Group

Most business cards are printed one way – and that is completely flat on both sides. While that is practical and convenient, adding a bit of texture to it might make others remember your business more due to your card’s uniqueness. This can be done by maybe adding texture like cardboard to your card, or perhaps a certain type of gloss so it shines in the light.

Proper Fonts

Business Card Design For Merlin Motor Works

Choosing the right font to convey your business’s message and ideals immediately is important, as a card will make a proper first impression on the person looking at it. You want it to deliver the message immediately – and the right bold or thin fonts can help convey different moods immediately.

Logo Emphasis

Business Card Design For The Fat Chook Company

Sometimes all you need on your card is your logo and information – and that is a great idea if your logo is a memorable one. If you are confident in the shape and power of your logo – it can help your card even stand out more if it’s simply just that.

Including a CTA

Call-To-Actions are commonly used in almost any form of advertising, urging people to engage with the brand by showcasing their services or items. It would make sense that your business card would include one too – to urge others to contact you.

Size & Shape

Business Card Design For O.M.G Dessert

The size and shape of your card can help make it look even more interesting – as other than the usual rectangle, using shapes like circles or diamonds might pique the interest of others regarding the creativity of the brand.

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