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F&B marketing is a space that’s constantly evolving and changing. What was trendy last year might not be now, and what’s trending this year may not be the next. To keep up with these changes and ensure your marketing strategies remain effective, you need to be able to spot trends.

When you’re trying to find new video ideas, it can be overwhelming. There are so many different types of videos that you could make, and they all have their own target audience.

There are three main ways to do this:

Look at what your competitors are doing

Your competitors’ social accounts are often a great source of inspiration for new ideas, especially if they’re doing something different from you.

What are they talking about? What are they advertising? How are they positioning themselves? You can also look at what other brands in your industry are doing—this should give you a good idea of where the market is headed.

Look at what people are searching for online

This will give you insight into what they want out of their dining experience. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram – are all great places to keep up with what people are talking about right now. You can also use sites like Buzzsumo or Google Trends for more targeted information about specific topics.

For example, if people tend to search for “local restaurants” more often than “chain restaurants” that might indicate a shift towards local eateries over national chains (or vice versa).

Analyze social media data about food trends

This will give you insight into how people think about food as an industry and how it fits into their lives as consumers. Follow a few blogs that cover food news and trends.

Keep track of what people are saying about your brand or product online. You can do this by setting up Google alerts or following people on Twitter who mention your company name – this will let you know if customers are talking about anything that might affect your business.

Trends can come in all shapes and sizes: they might be a new ingredient, a new way of cooking, or even a change in customer preferences. The key is being able to spot them early on and implement them into your marketing strategy before your competitors do.

Figuring out where to focus your time and energy can be a challenge for any F&B marketer. There are so many platforms and tools to consider, and it can feel like you’re spending all of your time chasing trends instead of actually creating content.

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