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Social media calendars. They’re a popular tool for businesses that want to stay on top of their social media presence, but does it really work for the fast-paced F&B space?

The answer is yes.

If you’re running a restaurant or cafe, then you know that there’s always something going on. You need to keep up with local events and promotions, as well as respond quickly when your customers ask questions or have complaints. If you don’t have a good system in place for managing all of this information and communicating with customers, then it will be hard for them to find you when they need you most.

There are always new menu items, new events, new promotions and then there’s just plain old life stuff that gets in the way too. With a social media calendar, you’ll be able to:

  • Keep your content fresh and relevant
  • Keep track of all of your posts in one place, so you can easily see what needs to be posted and when.
  • Ensure everyone on your team knows what’s going on with the calendar to stay on track and avoid missing important dates or posting at inappropriate times.
  • Plan ahead for holidays or other special events so that they don’t fall through the cracks.

Use an automated tool like Facebook Meta Suite or Hootsuite that will remind you when it’s time for new posts or scheduled posts (like weekly specials). This way, even if someone doesn’t check in regularly with their calendar, they’ll still get reminders about upcoming posts when they log into their account.

Having a social media calendar means that instead of trying to figure out what to post every day (or even every hour), we can just look at our calendar and see exactly what needs to happen next month or even year-round. The key is finding out what works best for your business model and your customers and then making sure that everything else fits around those things.

There’s a lot of talk about social media calendars, but does it really work for the fast-paced F&B space? Yes, we’ve seen it work for our clients. Social media calendars help you to plan out your content so that you can focus on creating great content instead of worrying about what to post next.

We recommend that our clients create a calendar at least two months in advance. This gives them time to plan out their content, get feedback from their team and customers, and then schedule posts accordingly.

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