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Tiktok, it’s like this social media place that is just so captivating. And with everyone else on there, you might have thought about how you could use it as well!

How does Tiktok work?

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Tiktok is a fun way to get your messages out there. Brands should know that the tone of voice for video content on TikTok is generally geared towards the younger audience, but they can also appeal to older people as well. Adapting to the tone of the application is vital to your success on it. 

Traditional business and corporate videos, though very useful – might not work on this platform so your content must be geared towards the right audience to ensure maximum success!

What kind of content should I make?

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Re-create quick and easy videos demonstrating food hacks and cooking techniques! Working with TikTok influencers, much like Instagram – can bring much needed attention to you as well. These TikTok influencers have big followings for a reason, and they can help supplement your following with their own! 

Tasty, trendy food is always in fashion – There are so many trends like the #dalfonacoffeechallenge, a great example of how viral cross-platform trends can be. People across the world started whipping up instant coffee powder, sugar and hot water for an attractive finale.

It is important to realize that content created on TikTok should feel authentic, as that is what resonates with millennials these days. Too pushy, and you might just turn them off from engaging with your brand entirely. So, make sure to be casual, funny and happy when you make your videos.

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