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The end of the year is coming up – and there are plenty of routes you can take in order to promote your business or brand, either through festive holidays or a calculated and precise marketing plan for that entire stretch of the year. Here are some tips we think you can use for your brand in regards to that.

Before you execute your plan, you need to figure out what you want to achieve at the end of it all. Do you plan to attract a wider audience to your services? Or do you just want to let others know about your existence? Either way – having a proper goal makes it easier to work towards.

Festive Promotions

Many nations around the globe celebrate different holidays – but some are now quite prevalent in Singapore – like Black Friday and Christmas sales. One thing these newly acquired holidays from overseas is that they can help promote your brand and services quite easily – as many people during this period lookout for potential deals and sales that they can save on. 

Specific holidays are also great for specific types of companies too. Tune and match the holiday to your brand.

Clearance Marketing

Offering promotions after a popular holiday can also be very useful and effective in gaining traction – as you will have fewer people to compete with during this period as most brands will go back to their standard prices and values. Those with physical products to sell might find that their revenue will actually increase during this period too, as, during holiday sales, people are bound to miss out on what they want to get, so they will come back around for a second glance at products.

New Year Specials

Feature 1-for-1 or flat discount off dining deals when they reserve a table in advance.

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