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Creating a brand is easy – but what about its identity? How will you make yourself stand out from the crowd from the industry you are in? Here are some easy-to-follow rules to ensure that you will not be forgotten in a sea of brands when people engage with you.

What is brand identity?

First and foremost is the big question: ‘what is brand identity?’. In simple terms – it refers to the way you present yourself to the world, specifically your customers and potential investors. 

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It involves every part of your brand – the colours you choose for your logo, the logo itself, what fonts you use for your marketing materials and even the way you present your name cards visually. Even outside of visual aesthetics, it carries over to perhaps the uniform your employees wear or the way your products feel in your customer’s hands. 

So it is essential you define what you want others to think your brand is – before you carry out the changes necessary to make sure perspectives are shifted.

Defining your brand

You need to first think of what you want to be seen as. Your personality, your messaging, and your values. Next, compare to the competitors within your industry. Are there any similarities to them? It could be your logos or the colours you use – but this will give you the opportunity to change accordingly to ensure that you are different from the others. It is important to be unique after all.

Once you have finalised what you want to show off your brand as – it is time to move on to creating them visually.

Supplementing your brand identity

Creating your visuals after brainstorming your new ideas will help to cement this new brand identity you have created. Start by making a design document – a brief to ensure that guidelines are followed and any visual relating to your brand will feel consistent from one another. 

Decide on your typography, logos and how you want photography for your brand to be shown on advertisements, brochures and other forms of advertising. When you are done, give it to your designers or your team to carry out your rebranding. A strong and unique identity is sure to drive sales up – and bring in potential loyal customers who identify with your strong brand identity.

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