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Signages allow you to be seen from afar, as well as impress others up close. Customers will always be entertained by nicely designed signages, and it can also serve as a good promotional tool – allowing you to subtly advertise yourself in photos taken around the area. Here are some ideas we think can improve the design of your signages.


Since you want to ensure that your signage can be seen from afar – it is wise to make it readable at any distance. Keep it short, so that it can be read quickly – and always keep it visible from any angle too so that others can always spot you from any location when near to you.

Fonts and Type

Alongside legibility, fonts and the type you use are important – as they can help bring out the personality in your brand simply through how they are shaped and positioned. Fun fonts can immediately draw in certain crowds who enjoy that type of personality, and the same can be said for older crowds if the fonts are much more serious.


The size of signage is something you should consider too – as the bigger it is, the more visible it will be. So, if your signage is slightly smaller than usual – then all more the reason to consider alternative ways to be visually appealing from afar.


Since signages serve as an extension of the personality of your brand – it would make sense that it adheres to how it is seen by others. Make sure that it aligns with the personality of your business, and others will not confuse you for others when it comes to it.

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