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There are various types of videos that can be made for your business – although it might be difficult to figure out what would work best when it comes to creating such content. Here are some reasons why you would want to do some over others.

Branding Videos

You can provide your brand with some form of authenticity when you create one regarding the development of your company! This can range from what you have improved upon since the inception of your brand, as well as other more technical aspects like the improvement of your products.

Educational Videos

Educating people in regards to your brands and products might be a good type of content to create if your target audience is actively seeking out how to use your products. They can also be general information relating to your brand too!

Brand Manifestos

Used by pretty much every company – brand manifestos are a great way to get your company’s ideals and goals out there in a visually appealing and engaging way. They are great for introducing your brand to people, or for a quick update in terms of identity and tone.

Animated Videos

Allowing for extreme creativity – animated videos are not constrained by real-life imagery in terms of colours, shape, composition, and tone – allowing you to make anything you want while engaging the customer.


These animated short video clips are usually made to showcase an item quickly or help a store page be more visually engaging as you scroll down. They provide more benefits when compared to a traditional image, as it allows others to understand the dimensions, angles, and shape of any product you make. Likewise, for branding, it is great for logos and certain other visual elements too!

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