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Feeling like your F&B products are not up to par with others in the same field as you? Do their products seem to appeal more visually to the audience you are targeting? Fret not, here are some tips and tricks to get you out there a bit more in terms of your packaging?

Use Professionally Shot Photographs

The photos you took of your dishes with your phone? They are no good. What you need is something eye-catching, something to water the mouths instantly with a glance of the eye. Professional photography can do that, but only if you are willing to spend the time investing in it. A well-shot photo can be the significant edge you need over others, and placing it on your packaging will definitely make others double-take at a shelf or outside.

Bold Packaging 

Simply wrapping your products in simple plain colours is just not going to cut it anymore. Consider using vibrant colours or designs that will turn heads to ensure that you are always standing out from the crowd. Play with how your items are carried or seen.

Appealing To Trends

burger on newspaper

Getting your products to adapt according to trends will help you out in the long term. A popular trend most companies are now following is creating eco-friendly packaging, for the benefit of the Earthโ€™s environment. Those who are aware of the implications of using too much plastic would definitely gravitate towards brands who are implicit about their usage of recyclable materials. Another example would be retro packaging – tapping into the nostalgia of consumers to sell. It depends on what angle you want to go for in the end.

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