Does Your Brand Really Need A Brand Guide? | C.O Enterprise

When you have all your logos, fonts and colours picked out – there might come a time where you will not be doing the visual designs for your brand as a whole. But do you really need one? Brand guidelines, commonly referred to as a style guide, are an essential part of an effective marketing strategy. Let us find out some reasons why you should.

Brand consistency

The most important part about having guidelines is that it helps your brand maintain consistency and tone throughout all channels. Having conflicting colours or visuals might confuse your customers about who you are exactly as a brand, so consistency allows you to stay who you are while you advertise yourself.

Easy reference

Having a detailed brand guide allows your team to always be using branding in the correct way – the right shade of colour, tagline, fonts, etc. If you have a new employee, or your staff is out of office, having a set of brand guidelines means that the right branding is easily accessible to everyone.

It helps designers, printers and your entire team to know what to implement too in relation to visual elements.

Customer experience

An important thing for any brand to maintain is the experience that they will have while visiting your platforms – so do just that and ensure that these guidelines help to keep your brand fresh and the same in their minds.

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