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Creating a promotion or designing a product for the upcoming Mid Autumn Festival? You are in luck – as we have some visual ideas for them, which will be great for those looking to promote themselves heavily during the festive season!

Rabbits & Moons

Mooncake Packaging Design for Bread Fresh

The festival is heavily linked with the story of the Jade Rabbit, so it is not surprising that many designs relating to the festival include both elements heavily – depicting the myth in various different ways. Often placed close to each other – it is the perfect element to include to relate your design back to the festival.

Mouthwatering Visuals

Dark tones and gold are commonly associated with the festival – as many items sold during the festival are usually ‘premium’ in nature, like mooncakes and bird’s nest drinks. It is also symbolic of the night too – in which the festival takes place, and the gold could always mean the shining lights that are seen on lanterns during the festival.

Intricate Linework

Traditional linework is often seen in Mid Autumn Festival designs, usually writing Chinese characters or drawings of events relating to the Jade Rabbit tale. They are a perfect choice to amp up the look of your packaging or poster, as the linework is usually intricate and exquisite. 

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