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Targeted advertising is no new strategy – plenty of companies do it. Young cafes appealing to youth, prestigious restaurants catering to a certain demographic and even attractions appealing to everyone of all ages – you would be wise to take advantage of this tried and tested method too. But it takes research and time to figure out how to fully maximize its effectiveness, so here are some things you can do to ensure your social media ads reach the highest amount of output!

Posting Quality Content Regularly

Social Media Marketing for Pepper Lunch Singapore

Social media algorithms love regular content, especially those that are actively engaged with. If your posts are doing well regularly with a certain age group, chances are that whatever platform you are on will continue to show you to them – as well as push you to the top whenever you post something, perfect for getting yourself out there easily.


Source: getdaytrends

Most social media platforms these days have hashtags – words you associate with your post to ensure that they pop up when they are searched by a consumer. Using popular hashtags as well as sticking to a regular one can help others bring you up much easier, as well as boost your popularity if said hashtag becomes very popular among others. You can also target your audience through these hashtags by using words that relate to them, which will actively encourage your posts to show up on their feed.


Many social media algorithms work through relevance – so making content targeting your target audiences’ interests is very important in trying to reach their feeds. Associate your products or services with things they like to do, and you will soon find yourself getting some attention from them.

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