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Congratulations! You have an idea for a new start-up or a brand you want to carry forward, and it seems like the possibilities are endless! But before you dive deep into the industry you have chosen, it is crucial that you launch yourself with the best positive impression possible when shown to others! Here are some tips you can use to help yourself with this.

Your Values

Every company has a motto, or rather – a message they stand for. You are probably already thinking of some famous ones, like Nike or Adidas’ famous slogans. That is the thing that drives your brand in terms of imagery – so it is good to think about what you want to convey and represent as an entity. 

Perception and Identity

When you have decided on what you want to represent – it is time for the visual part. The words, colours and tone you use are what will define your brand in the long run, so make sure you know that you want your brand to feel and look like visually!

Core Audience

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You can try to appeal to everyone, but that will result in you spreading out your resources and ideas too much in order to make sure everyone is pleased with you. Instead, figure out what audience will gravitate towards your message and visual style and target them directly. Maybe you are a brand that uses bright colours and illustrations – in that case, the youth would be a no-brainer group to target. Or perhaps you want to launch something luxurious with a serious tone and demeanor? That would go straight to the middle-aged group.

Appealing to core audiences does not mean you will only draw them in – as potential exceptions within other age groups might also patronise your brand. Humans are a complex species after all, so it would make sense that some would be different from others in terms of taste!

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