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We get it, the food on your table looks amazing and you have a need to share it with others! But before you whip out your phone and make it look unappealing with poorly composition and lighting – allow us to help you step up your food photography a notch with our tips and tricks.


The first thing you will want to do is ensure that your food looks great in the frame. Instagram only seems to allow squarish or rectangular photos – so make sure to keep that in mind as you position your food into the frame. 


Sitting near a window? Try moving your food towards the light shining through to make it look even more appetising. If you are in a restaurant, consider the other light sources around the area. Perhaps you can make it look better by placing it under the orange glow of a chandelier above your table, or perhaps you can try adjusting your dish so it catches the light of the candle on your table – as long as you can get some sort of gleam to your food, it will look much more delicious to others.


Taking a photo of food from the perspective of your eyes makes sense, but often you lose detail that can be caught if you just shifted your camera around slightly. Try positioning your camera slightly diagonally, or maybe do a shot from above.

Take Multiple Photos

It is said that a lot of great photos were taken by mistake or on the fly – so make sure to take multiple photos of your food from every angle that you want! Who knows, that shot you think that was bad might end up being the most artistic of the bunch!

Grading And Post-Production

After you take your photos, pull out your editing app and get to work. While it might be tempting to slap every filter on it immediately – try to be more naturalistic with your food, increasing vibrancy ever so slightly or darkening the contrast to bring out more details. Too much – and you lose the authenticity of your food and photo, which might turn people off in general.

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