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Taking photos is a skill most of us have, but taking great-looking ones is slightly tougher. There is a lot to consider when you are shooting delicious plates of food – and this guide should help you get some of the basics down right now.


Plate food to make it appealing to the eye in composition

Before you even consider taking any photos of your food, it is crucial that it looks presentable and delicious from the get-go. No amount of photo touch-up nor editing will save food that looks soggy, bad, or wet – so it is important to make sure that it is already flawless from the get-go. Pair the correct colours with your dishes, and think about what personality you want to give off while doing so.

Photography for Alleyjar

Hard wooden tables would help to convey that your food is โ€˜premiumโ€™ to some degree, while coloured backgrounds can help convey fun and vibrancy. It is all up to how you want to be perceived at the end of the day, so make sure you arrange your food properly!

Lighting and composition

Photography for Haengbok Cakeyo

Making sure your food is lit nicely and presented in a delicious angle is the goal for most people. Light helps to bring out texture within your food, as well as the feel of it. What you want next is to accentuate it with your composition too – it takes a while to get the angles right since you have to consider how much of the food you want to show or what parts of it you want to emphasize on.

An interesting thing to note is that warmly coloured foods, as well as items within the photo are proven to trigger appetites within the brain – so try to keep your photos warm and your food piping hot when shooting these photos! Using lighting to do just that will help to ensure that any customer will be enticed by what you are presenting to them!

Editing your photos

After the photo shoot is done, there will definitely be many key elements within the photos you want to bring out. Maybe it is the ingredients that should be more vibrant, or perhaps you want a smoke effect for those warm dishes – either way, editing is also an important part of the photoshoot process. Using applications like Lightroom and Photoshop are sure to help out in the affair, though keep in mind not to edit too extremely – as authenticity is a key factor even for photography these days.

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