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Every master has their secrets, and sometimes they’re so secretive that we don’t know about it until they are told to others! Here are some secret food styling tips shared by our photographer who has been doing food photography for years.

Coffee + Soy Sauce

Making coffee look good is hard, since it tends to have a sheen of oil near the top that when taken with a camera – does not look appetizing to anyone. However, mixing a bit of soy sauce into the beverage makes it less likely to have that sheen – thus leading to a smooth look inside a glass.

Meat Painting

Wonder why chickens, patties or beef look so shiny in that advertisement? It is known that paint is usually applied to them to give them that shiny sheen you see so often. A bit of it on the top of the meat and light reflects off it much more easily – leading to more appetising photos.

Glue Cereal

Milk soaks cereal easily – everyone knows this. So how do you make it look puffy even when inside milk for your photographs? Easy, just mix water with white glue – this leads to them still looking great when covered by fluid.

Cardboard Pancakes

baked pancake with blueberry and slice of banan

Those pancakes look awfully straight up in those advertisements, though there is a reason for that. Cardboard is usually placed between the layers of each cake so that they are able to stand up straight, ensuring that when photos are taken – they are right up and well.

Paint Strip Pasta

pasta on plate with fork

Much like glue cereal, pasta – especially the cheesy kind is often the product of glue tinkering. Yellow paint strip is used often to emulate the texture of warm and melted cheese.

Sponge Tacos

cooked food close-up photography

To keep tacos from closing up, sponges are placed in the meat fillings to ensure that they do not close up.

Mashed Potato Fillings

Dishes like wraps are often stuffed with additional ingredients to make them seem much more than they actually are. A popular food item used to do just that is mashed potato, which can help retain the consistency of these products!

There are more secrets, ones that we are willing to share with you!

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