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Appealing food packaging always draws in the youth, as well as people they know! So it is crucial that your designs are as appealing as possible, though there are certain ‘essential’ elements that your design must have in order for it to truly be effective!


Packaging Design for Otah Box

A unique packaging shape can help you stand out from the rest. Square and rectangle boxes are common, but perhaps you can tailor the shape of your product to fit your company’s visuals!


Premium colours can help bring out the prestige in your brand

Colours that immediately radiate the idea of your company or product are also very important. One glance at it should let others know if you are a serious, fun, premium, or casual food brand!


Imagery, values and texture all work together to create great packaging

Imagery is always important when it comes to food. You want it to be mouth-watering, but it must also match the visuals and colours of your packaging. Make it as enticing as possible so that others will be tempted to pick it up when they see it on the shelf.


You might be a company that wants to support sustainability and going green, or perhaps each purchase of your product goes towards a charity. Your packaging must reflect this, so consider the material or how much space you want to dedicate to showing what your brand believes in.


Touch is an important part of human sensation, so a smooth packaging might convey the message that your product is ‘premium’, and other textures would have various effects when felt too.


Advertising the benefits of your food product at the forefront is useful for helping people who look at it make split-second decisions. Stating that it is healthy, delicious or that it contains certain types of ingredients obviously will make it easier for customers to glance over and decide on what they want when your products are placed next to others on a shelf.

Product Within

Last and most importantly, the packaging must make sure to take note of what is being stored within them. Consider the type (liquid or solid), then make adjustments accordingly to ensure that it can be opened and stored easily without fuss.

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