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There are plenty of guides out there on what to do in order to achieve a successful unique brand image for your company, but what about the no-nos of branding? There must certainly be some things that you should never do, right? You are right, so here are a few things you must avoid when it comes to branding!

Brand Guide

Branding guides are important for designers to ensure that anything created with your company’s logo, maintains visual cohesiveness. Without guidelines, this makes it much more difficult – and can lead to potential confusion among consumers and customers who are used to one type of image from your brand.

Neglecting Feedback

Customers are what keep your company afloat through revenue, so neglecting them and not caring about what they think is an instant mistake that should not occur. 

Proper Logo Design

Cheaping out on your logo design might lead to it just being completely forgettable, and for a brand – that is the worst thing that can happen. Make sure that your logo is created with your brand’s ideals in mind.


Making sure that your brand is always showcasing the correct personality is important, as confusing others will only lead to wrong perceptions.

Stretching Yourself Thin

It might make sense to expand your customer base to pretty much everyone in existence, but know that it can lead to a disconnect between your core audience and the others who are simply there just because they have heard about you. Make sure to specialise in what you are good at first.

Brand Experience

Word of mouth is powerful, and if customers catch wind of your company offering terrible services – you might be avoided entirely, and that is bad for revenue. Make sure your staff is always trained to be on point at all times

Brand Aging

Your branding identity might have been youthful in the past, but times change and constant adaptation is needed to ensure that you are always touching on younger customer bases. A constant need for these customers is needed to ensure that you keep growing.

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