5 Reasons How Impactful Visuals Can Benefit Your Business

Poster Design for Old Chang Kee

Posters are brilliant for many reasons, they are great for generating awareness, conveying a brand message, advertise newly introduced products or services, the options are endless!


Posters are a cost-effective medium that provides a great opportunity to create the best positive outcome results. Compared to offline ads such as newspapers or magazines where costs incurred can range up to tens of thousands of dollars, the cost of a poster will depend on size and quantity which allows you to take control of your budget.

Flexibility on Size and Quantity

Depending on your needs and requirements, posters can differ in sizes and quantities which offers a great opportunity to make quick, immediate visual impressions on potential customers.

Offer Continuous Exposure

Poster Design for Long John Silver

Posters are capable of reaching a wide audience especially in high-traffic areas and people will get to see your posters for as long as you leave them hanging.

Offline To Online Collaterals

The beauty of having a poster includes being able to duplicate an online ad in the form of a poster just as readily as you could create a poster and then replicate it in a smaller form like a flyer.

Interact With Your Audience

Posters are capable of being interactive, they can be customised with a coupon or quick-response (QR) code. With a QR code, you can store information such as your contact information, website URL and social media handles.

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