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An important thing for any F&B brand is ensuring that the food looks mouthwatering to everyone, and one way to do that is to style your food as immaculately as possible through lighting, props and plating. Here are some tips from professionals we are giving you to make your food shine that much brighter.

Background Contrast

A good contrast between your food and background can help your dishes stand out more. A black background with white plates and equally bright food will obviously make them pop, and the same can be said vice versa. 

Using Simple Utensils

While it might be tempting to use the best plates, cloths or spoons you have to beautify the scene – it might be counterintuitive to do so, as it might draw away attention from your food. Instead, rely on using simple ones – so that your food will shine by itself.

Make A Slight Mess

Food that is in a too pristine environment might scream inauthenticity. Try to scatter some garnish around your food, or pour over a bit of salt or sugar around it to make it seem more lively in nature.

Break Boundaries

Items and props that you use in your scene do not necessarily need to always be in frame. Lay a knife that is slightly beyond, or maybe hands coming from the sides to grab your dish – as long as it’s outside, it can create a sense of depth from onlookers.

Don’t Overdo It

Putting too much into styling might actually achieve the opposite effect – since the visual overload might be too much, overshadowing the food you are trying to promote in the first place. Take it easy and make it simple for now, before you upgrade to styling in a bigger way. 

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