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We are all banking for Q4 2021 to be the grand reopening of Singapore internally and externally, so it might be wise to come up with some promotional ideas to draw customers in before that happens. Reopening is sure to be an event – so why not host a promotion with discounts in dining in? Here are some ideas we think that might work quite well if implemented correctly.

Exclusive Menu Item

A great way to boost F&B sales is by offering an exclusive menu item or a special discount on certain days of the week. People love exclusivity, so they’ll be sure to come back again and again if there’s something new on the menu every week.

Pair it with a special promotion on drinks during happy hour. This works well because people tend to drink more when it’s discounted, which means more money in the till at the end of the night.

Not only will it draw in people after that long extended break of being stuck in their homes, but it will also help to boost your name and advertise your business through word of mouth and social media sharing too.


Similar to an event promotion, a bring-a-friend promotion/scheme might work wonders for those restaurants that operate as buffets or just have large portions of servings in general! Perhaps give 50% off for the second person, or do a 1-for-1 deal – regardless, people are sure to bring in friends for that sweet discount if it entices them enough.


This one is pretty much the most common form of promotion out there – but it does not mean you cannot have one. A holiday promotion will work wonders during Q4, as there will be plenty of festive events that you can choose from in order to hold your promotions. Christmas is the perfect time to do so since families will be on the hunt for a place to eat – and if they can feed everyone at a bargain, they are sure to come to your establishment.


If you really want to increase your revenue, holding time-based promotions during off-peak hours might get people into your establishment, like having an exclusive high tea set – ensuring that you still turn a profit during those hours where you are not serving as many people.

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