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None of us have infinite resources to throw at something – and when it comes to marketing – it definitely is a very costly endeavour. So how would one maximise what they already have without spending even more to ensure results?

Reusing your visuals

So you already have ads designed and articles written, and you have already put it out to different avenues to ensure that they are out there. But have you considered applying them to avenues you might have missed out? You could be posting your articles on websites that you have never posted onto – like social media sites you might not have a presence on. You can easily adapt banner ads into web banners, and larger advertisements into ads that can be seen on the internet.

This helps save considerably more money and time re-creating new ads to be advertised, though you must adapt accordingly and ensure that your content is not outdated.

Make use of email marketing

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Email marketing is much cheaper than direct mailing marketing since you will not need to print out physical media to distribute. It is proven that generally, email marketing campaigns perform significantly better when compared to their direct counterpart – so why not save yourself the money and mail your customers what they need to know? 

Creating visuals on the go

Nicely designed advertisements and posters are sure to catch the attention of customers and would-be ones – but they are usually time-consuming to produce should you want something very specific. Why not get your staff to collect testimonials of customers? Or perhaps advertise behind the scene on how things are done in your company to create the products or services that you offer? Authenticity is the rage these days, and it costs close to zero dollars to create things like this which can be then added to your marketing!

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Visuals and what not can be easily created – but professional work always gets more attention.

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