3 Essential Menu Design Tips to Make Your Customers Order More

Menu Design for Opio

A quality menu design is essential to any marketing plan for a restaurant. It should express your business personality, promotes profitability, and keeps your brand fresh in your customer’s mind.

Your menu is your primary means of representation which should make your customers excited to be there, want to come back, and recommend it to family and friends. 

C.O Pro Tips on Designing F&B menu:

1. Highlight the item you wish to sell the most

Place them in Prime Sweet Spots (spots where the average customer bring their eyes to first in the menu)

Menu Design for Soi19

Spotlight speciality and signature items, while introducing newer selections to invoke an appropriate personality. This will make it easier for your customers to find and recognise your dishes.

2. Use visually enticing photographs

Food Photography for Herbs

People are visual creatures. Get your food to look fresh and appetising with professional photography. Customers will begin to perceive you in the way you want to when it comes to it. Good looking photos create a sharper focus and demonstrate the expertise of your brand. Need we say more?

3. Tell a story in your description and use adjectives

Using active descriptors of the ingredients within your dishes is sure to make them sound more enticing, as well as premium for your customers.

Keep your menu fresh, relevant and profitable by conducting an analysis of your menu every six to twelve months. Observe your profit analysis, as well as the menu of your competitors to determine what works best. Making adjustments afterwards will ensure that your research is reflected well.

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