WagaTomo, a Japanese culinary haven in the heart of Singapore.

As a creative agency, we are committed to helping WagaTomo achieve their vision of creating an unforgettable atmosphere through our visually captivating designs.

Drawing inspiration from the essence of WagaTomo, we have carefully crafted a brand identity that captures the energy and sophistication of the restaurant. The proposed brand colors harmonize the vibrancy of yellow with the elegance of black. A warm and inviting yellow serves as the primary background color, creating a welcoming ambiance that immerses diners in a world of culinary delights. To add a touch of refinement, we recommend using light gray for the tagline against a dark backdrop, lending an air of sophistication to the visual experience.

Beyond the exquisite flavors that WagaTomo offers, our shared goal is to create a dining atmosphere that envelops customers in warmth and authenticity. As a team of passionate creatives, we are dedicated to assisting WagaTomo in achieving this aspect through our visuals. By collaborating closely with the restaurant, we strive to ensure that every visit to WagaTomo becomes an extraordinary and memorable experience.

Together, we embark on a creative journey, harmonizing the artistry of Japanese cuisine with captivating visuals. Our goal is to evoke emotions, stimulate senses, and leave a lasting impression on every customer. Let us craft an immersive visual narrative that enhances the magic of every dining occasion, ensuring that your journey with WagaTomo is nothing short of extraordinary.

Gyu San